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Customized to achieve your goals

Workshop group


The process:

1. We meet to discuss your goals and create a training agenda that focuses on your priorities.

2. We choose examples from your own communication to use for practice.

3. You participate in anywhere from one 90-minute training to quarterly 2-hour trainings. 

Contact us for a sample training outline or to discuss customization and cost for your group.

Training is in person or online...and always engaging!


We simplify your website, newsletters, job postings, and more so they are:

  1. Easier for people to quickly understand, and

  2. Read by more people

Contact us for a free sample simplification of your written communication. 

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  • Discuss how this impacts equity, access, inclusion, retention, recruitment, and efficiency.

  • Identify target audiences and desired outcomes

  • Learn and practice 5-15 tips to simplify written and spoken language. This skill requires practice!

  • Create consistent ways for your team to continue using and improving simplifying skills.


To work with Simplify Language requires 4 things:

  1. Humility. You must recognize that you can do better to make your communication more accessible.

  2. Caring. You must genuinely care about equity, inclusion, or the benefit of having all audiences quickly and easily understand your communication.  

  3. Empathy. You must constantly put yourself in the audience’s shoes.

  4. Practice. The skills are not brain surgery, but they require practice. Your brain should hurt at the end of the training!


Having fun is a bonus, and I’ll make sure the training is challenging and fun.

If this sounds like you, let’s talk!

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