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Customized to achieve your goals

Simplify Communication Training

The process:

1. We meet to discuss your goals and create a training agenda that focuses on your priorities.

2. We choose examples from your own communication to use for practice.

3. You participate in anywhere from one 90-minute training to quarterly 2-hour trainings. 

Sample agenda, including engaging discussions and activities:

  • Discuss impacts on trust, access, efficiency, inclusion, recruitment, retention, and more.

  • Learn 5-10 skills to simplify writing, speaking, or both.

  • Practice skills in small groups using communication for your organization. 

  • Learn to organize and reduce writing by 20-50% without removing content or “dumbing down”.

  • Build awareness of language exclusion, power, and privilege.

  • Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make writing more accessible.

  • Discuss accountability and ways to support each other. 

Contact me to discuss customization, timing, and cost.

Training is in person or online...and always engaging!

 Simplifying Services

We simplify websites, newsletters, job postings, and more so they are more accessible and inclusive. 

Contact me for costs and a free sample simplification of your written communication. 

Facilitating and Presenting Training

​​This custom training provides actionable ways to make the following more engaging, effective, and efficient:

  • Presentations

  • Meetings

  • Classes

  • Workshops

  • Events and Gatherings


Sample agenda: ​

  • Learn skills to lead engaging, effective, and efficient presentations and gatherings, online or in person. 

  • Learn to foster conversations where participants contribute ideas and learn more effectively.

  • Practice speaking clearly and briefly about your vision and goals in 15-60 seconds.

  • Learn and discuss public speaking skills.

  • Practice facilitation and public speaking in small groups using relevant topics.

  • Create consistent structures and guidelines for public speaking and gatherings.

  • Create a culture of practice and feedback around facilitation and public speaking.

Contact me to discuss training length, costs, and customization.


To work with me requires 3 things:

  1. Humility. You must recognize that you can do better and dedicate a few hours to training. 

  2. Empathy. You must be aware of what your audiences want and need.

  3. Practice. The skills are not brain surgery, but like all skills they require practice. 


Having fun is a bonus, and I’ll make sure the training is challenging and fun.

If this sounds like you, let’s talk!

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