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Simplify Language trained the following organizations:

  • Adult Protective Services – Colorado Human Services

  • Barre Public Health (VT)

  • Ben & Jerry's

  • Boulder Chamber of Commerce

  • Boulder Day Nursery

  • Boulder Valley School District

  • Cappello's

  • Center for People with Disabilities

  • City of Boulder

  • City of Westminster

  • College of Southern Idaho

  • Colorado Children's Campaign

  • Colorado Dept of Education - Student Health Services

  • Colorado Dept of Education - Postsecondary and Workforce Readiness

  • Colorado Dept of Early Childhood

  • Colorado Education Initiative

  • Colorado Evaluation and Action Lab

  • Colorado Language Access Coalition

  • Community Heart and Soul

  • CU CO Springs - ​Pre-Collegiate Center

  • Denver Preschool Program

  • Denver Public Schools

  • Early Milestones

  • Fort Lupton High School

  • Fountain Fort Carson School District

  • Fresca Foods

  • Garfield School District RE-2

  • Gill Foundation

  • Greeley Schools

  • Head Start

  • High Plains Bank

  • Hunter Douglas

  • Jeffco Public Schools

  • JSI Colorado

  • La Puente

  • Lafayette Communities That Care

  • Larimer County

  • Literacy Council of Sheboygan

  • Longmont Community Foundation

  • MACAE (Michigan Adult Education)

  • Maricopa County Dept. of Public Health

  • MCAEL (MD Adult Education)

  • Migrant Education Program – CDE (CO)

  • Mission Minded

  • Needle and Frame

  • New America College

  • Next Step Domestic Violence Project

  • Philanthropiece Foundation

  • Red Empress Foundation

  • Refugee Devpt Center - Lansing, MI

  • Resource Central

  • RootEd Denver

  • Rutland Department of Health (VT)

  • Sister Carmen Community Center

  • Spring Inst. for Intercultural Learning

  • Sustainable Harvest International

  • University of Colorado 

  • University of Texas

  • Watson Institute

  • Widefield School District

What training participants say

I walked away with a new appreciation for how difficult it is to simplify communications.

- A’ndra Warren, Educational Equity Advocate for Adams 12 Five Star Schools


I liked that Lee included power and privilege in the conversation. – Gail, Maricopa Health Dept.


Loved the tips regarding removing idioms and verbal phrases, especially as it relates to translating for English learners. – Dave Godfrey, HR Director, City of Westminster


Lee made this training approachable and fun. It helped me realize how important language is to equity and accessibility. I left the training feeling intrigued, motivated, and excited to work on simplifying my language. – City of Boulder Communications Manager


I learned that we all have permission to communicate simply for understanding. – Bill Good, Chief of Communications, Denver Public Schools


The training teaches how to reach every level of communication by breaking down our speech patterns into their simplest form without dumbing it down. It made our class realize our speech/writing habits could cause more confusion than there needed to be. – University of Colorado HR Manager


I loved every part of the training. I learned how to simplify my writing and speech to remove barriers and increase accessibility in my work and community. I started implementing the tools immediately after leaving! - Jeffco Public Schools Communications Team Member


This is the most engaged/invested/together I have ever seen my team at a meeting in 4.5 years. In the past 10 minutes, 4 people contacted me to express their thanks and appreciation. One wrote: "Lee was wonderful! Truly was so beneficial. I honestly was dreading a 2-hour meeting and I felt it could have been longer." – University of Colorado International Student Scholar and Services


Lee's training is fun, engaging, and interactive. He took the time to get to know our organization and its existing language so that we were working with all relevant examples that created immediate impact on our materials and overall culture. – Erin Kobler, Communications Manager at RootEd


Simplify Language has been an incredible addition to our program. Looking at the communication we put out, in a new way, has helped us to be more accessible and equitable. I am so happy that we have Simplify Language in our toolbox. – Stacy Fujieda, Education Services Manager, Head Start

The training teaches how to reach every level of communication by breaking down our speech patterns into their simplest form without dumbing it down. -  University of Colorado HR Manager

The biggest takeaway for me was learning that by simplifying work in English, that will automatically simplify the work in Spanish as well. One of my biggest hurdles is being able to push out communication in Spanish that actually makes sense to our community. Now I know that it can all start from simplifying the English version. - School District Translator

The feeling in the break room has shifted in the most beautiful way. There was always a friendly nature to things but now people are making a true effort to connect and those folks who normally keep to themselves are smiling and finding little points of connection. Also, folks are really leaning in on flexing their non-native language skills. There’s a lightness and care that you helped us cultivate. THANK YOU!! What a gift. - Stacey Marcellus, Founder of Cappello's

Learning how to reduce jargon and articulate our message in more easily understandable language will improve our communications and our overall impact. This is an actionable piece of equity that is low cost and high impact; all organizations will benefit from doing this. - Manager of Administration and Grants, Montgomery Coalition for Adult Education Literacy, Tom C.

I attended Lee's training, and I love that the strategies he teaches can be applied immediately. So often professional development fails to take participants from theory to practice.  Lee nailed it! - VP Programming, Seeds of Literacy, Dr. Carmine Stewart

I learned that the writing style we often use in our organization can be somewhat exclusive in that we use complicated words and sentence structuresPhilanthropiece, Jake

Everyone should take this training and make it a priority. One is sending and receiving so many messages throughout the day, everyday. With these tools one makes sure to be understood and inclusive. I've acquired an irreversible awareness which will support my communication! - Needle and Frame, Andrea

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