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Be understood. Be inclusive.



  1. Training to make spoken and written communication easier for ALL your audiences to quickly understand.

    • Learn immediately actionable skills.

    • Practice the skills using real examples from your organization.

    • Get tools you can use consistently.

  2. Services to simplify websites, flyers, presentations, and more.

  3. Keynote presentations for conferences.

  4. Training on Facilitating Engaging and Efficient Presentations, Meetings, and Gatherings.


  • We unknowingly use language that employees, customers, and community members don't understand.

  • Many people only read messages they can read and understand quickly.

  • Improve inclusion, access, efficiency, recruitment, and trust

  • Improve translations and decrease costs by reducing text by 20%-50% without removing content or "dumbing down". 


  • School districts

  • Universities

  • Local governments

  • Foundations and nonprofits

  • Health organizations

  • Financial institutions, retail, high tech, law enforcement, and more!

Training is for people in any role. 

We will discuss your specific priorities and audiences to best customize training.



Had the privilege of attending Lee’s session at the ESEA conference. I walked away with a new appreciation for how difficult it is to simplify communications. I am excited to build my skills in this space and grateful to Lee for creating the opportunity to learn new things!

Educational Equity Advocate for Adams 12 Five Star Schools. 



I love the challenge of communication. For 25 years I've worked with diverse populations and trained tens of thousands of people on language and inclusion.​ 

Leading Simplify Language trainings is amazing because participants never see communication the same, and they learn skills to make positive changes immediately. 

If you are interested but still unsure, let's talk! If Simplify Language isn't a good fit for you, I won't push it. If it is, we'll enjoy working together!  

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